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No.135  [Reply]
Simon wants to stream bondage from the clubroom
¨ No.136
at 4k 60fps

No.132  [Reply]
Horses don't eat their own shit
- Anton
¨ No.133
A dog isn't a horse, I know this because I ate too much corned beef

- Simon
¨ No.134
The Asian inside of me is happy at that

No.131  [Reply]
So, the CSSC has decided to journal, to avoid being self published, we have also decided to found a publishing company.

Applications now open for postitions in the new subsidary

File: 1500356553130.jpg–(140.34KB, 640x1136, IMG_1989.JPG)
128 No.128  [Reply]
tfw you shelve books for 3 hours
¨ No.129
Nick should apply at Reid as a librarian.
¨ No.130
Student: Hi, could you show me to where they keep the books o...
Nick: fuck off I'm playing dota

No.125  [Reply]
I think I've fixed this? If you are reading this, than I have fixed this and the database backend is working fine, if this is the only post then I have buggered it up and all the previous posts are stored on my computer and my computer alone
¨ No.127
1500355791774.png–(437.23KB, 640x480, 14520612_1103078796425696_6744435767406084167_n.pn)
but images aren't working? (unless I just fixed this)
(this was just the first picture in my pictures folder, but that being said, anyone down for some mario party?)

No.126  [Reply]
Need pingas, lost mine on oak lawn txt 0410035144

No.93  [Reply]
Hi, how are you?
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¨ No.114
I would but trip codes are hard to implement, and cbf trying to change this board to something else
¨ No.116
Well, it might be worth it now.
¨ No.124
nothing wrong with liking ponies... as long as you don't want to fuck 'em

No.123  [Reply]
Hey, I'm looking for a russian who has an angle grinder, can any one suggest an app which could help me in my persuit?

No.122  [Reply]
Wew, EG secures an invite to TI, oh wait, they'd get it anyway.

Embed: Alan Partridge - Great Banter–(YouTube)
1 No.1  [Reply]
This is great banter
¨ No.2
it really is
¨ No.3
1473687888916.png–(21.00KB, 640x400, banter.png)
we can even respond using pictures~!
¨ No.121

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