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No.96  [Reply]
While discussing shelving vodka

"It doesn't matter how shit it is if it's going in the other end"

"No, it will be shit"
¨ No.97
"It's just an enema if it's not solid"
¨ No.98
"hit reply and yo can type random shit. And its completely anonymous so you can type whatever you want. Just don't put your name on it, simple" - Andrew
Scribed by Nasra
¨ No.99
>lol greentext

No.94  [Reply]
mwa mwa mwa
¨ No.95

File: 1492784641886.png–(548.61KB, 1220x743, watching andrew.PNG)
92 No.92  [Reply]
Andrew didn't

No.90  [Reply]
One day and I had to already reset the whole thing, got an absolute buttload of spam, I think it might've been the penetration mob because all the posts were coming from within the uni.

But I thought we should probably turn on the capture in this case. soz
¨ No.91
captcha just in case*

No.89  [Reply]
It's still alive. Btw does sage work here?

No.88  [Reply]
New app (well, chrome extension) idea. Basically it let's you insert emoji (and like special characters or whatever) into textboxes, it can have like a search or some shit, but here's the master plan, it will inject ads into webpages where the ones adblock blocks, would be, otherwise it can just throw on more ads on top of ads, chuck some ransomware in there for good measure if we want.

Hell if we want we can have a small disclaimer outwardly saying we'll put ads all over your shit. But they're only there to fund development and any surplus is going to some charity or some shit. Just we'll be spending 100% on development

No.87  [Reply]
"We should put tabs of LSD on the twenty dollar note" - David

No.83  [Reply]
Kaelan is setting up a tumblr, lets think of urls for him!
¨ No.84
I think "Ilovepewdiepie.tumblr.com" is a great one for him
¨ No.85
¨ No.86

File: 1476063232995.png–(4.98KB, 292x109, heh_antinus.png)
81 No.81  [Reply]
Thanks for rubbing it in, Facebook.
¨ No.82
You mean they're censoring us by misrepresenting our view numbers in an attempt to make is close the page?

No.79  [Reply]
Guys, fridgeputer is the most secure machine in the entire cs building https://stallman.org/intel.html
¨ No.80
1475992296753.jpg–(86.86KB, 800x600, IME_fix_tutorial.jpeg)
That's easy to fix.

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