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No.83  [Reply]
Kaelan is setting up a tumblr, lets think of urls for him!
¨ No.84
I think "Ilovepewdiepie.tumblr.com" is a great one for him
¨ No.85
¨ No.86

File: 1476063232995.png–(4.98KB, 292x109, heh_antinus.png)
81 No.81  [Reply]
Thanks for rubbing it in, Facebook.
¨ No.82
You mean they're censoring us by misrepresenting our view numbers in an attempt to make is close the page?

No.79  [Reply]
Guys, fridgeputer is the most secure machine in the entire cs building https://stallman.org/intel.html
¨ No.80
1475992296753.jpg–(86.86KB, 800x600, IME_fix_tutorial.jpeg)
That's easy to fix.

No.36  [Reply]
We are now officially fucked
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¨ No.57
This is now a cheese pizza thread. Post CP
¨ No.77
1475764915945.jpg–(73.34KB, 600x400, Simply Cheese - 100% Mozarella Cheese, Parmesan Ch)

¨ No.78
1475764935488.jpg–(40.65KB, 485x316, main-qimg-778af4a88aa744125f1b2dae0a1368c5-c.jpg)

File: 1474090170490.jpg–(47.08KB, 612x795, FB_IMG_1474090039737.jpg)
23 No.23  [Reply]
Mathmatica said so
¨ No.24
Mathematica said no
¨ No.35
Mathematica said 0, mathematica is shit
¨ No.76
1475764591610.gif–(95.02KB, 540x1129, 20110514.gif)
Sounds like someone needs some more sleep

File: 1475763585516.jpg–(2.71MB, 4864x2736, 147576351935684805503.jpg)
75 No.75  [Reply]
Illegally downloaded cardgames certainly show.... Oh well, Monday I suppose

No.62  [Reply]
I'll start:
Andrew - "I'm going to walk in sucking on a quinoa vegan brownie"
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¨ No.72
Jordan - Catan?
¨ No.73
Nick: Chris, take coke it'll give you energy
¨ No.74
David: if you stimulate this cancerous cock with fire it will ejaculate sparks

No.54  [Reply]
We've got a Youtube channel for some reason. There's two videos on there, that's a full 8 minutes of entertainment! Obviously you should subscribe, and force everyone you know to subscribe as well. Or don't. It's not like anything useful will ever go on there.

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¨ No.67
Turns out the Rasputin cover has got a copyrite claim on it.

¨ No.68
>>67 our*
¨ No.71
1475490603468.png–(101.48KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161003-182250.png)
>>67 Holy shit they actually did. I guess this means there'll be ads on it from now on. Hope everyone's using an ad blocker, because fuck Sony.

No.60  [Reply]
Legit, we need to record it.
¨ No.61
Courtesy fridgeputer, you sick fuck

Embed: Our Glorious Leader–(YouTube)
52 No.52  [Reply]
Our Glorious leader performing His national anthem.
¨ No.55
Omfg. I look sooooo cute

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