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No.36  [Reply]
We are now officially fucked
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¨ No.57
This is now a cheese pizza thread. Post CP
¨ No.77
1475764915945.jpg–(73.34KB, 600x400, Simply Cheese - 100% Mozarella Cheese, Parmesan Ch)

¨ No.78
1475764935488.jpg–(40.65KB, 485x316, main-qimg-778af4a88aa744125f1b2dae0a1368c5-c.jpg)

File: 1474090170490.jpg–(47.08KB, 612x795, FB_IMG_1474090039737.jpg)
23 No.23  [Reply]
Mathmatica said so
¨ No.24
Mathematica said no
¨ No.35
Mathematica said 0, mathematica is shit
¨ No.76
1475764591610.gif–(95.02KB, 540x1129, 20110514.gif)
Sounds like someone needs some more sleep

File: 1475763585516.jpg–(2.71MB, 4864x2736, 147576351935684805503.jpg)
75 No.75  [Reply]
Illegally downloaded cardgames certainly show.... Oh well, Monday I suppose

No.62  [Reply]
I'll start:
Andrew - "I'm going to walk in sucking on a quinoa vegan brownie"
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¨ No.72
Jordan - Catan?
¨ No.73
Nick: Chris, take coke it'll give you energy
¨ No.74
David: if you stimulate this cancerous cock with fire it will ejaculate sparks

No.54  [Reply]
We've got a Youtube channel for some reason. There's two videos on there, that's a full 8 minutes of entertainment! Obviously you should subscribe, and force everyone you know to subscribe as well. Or don't. It's not like anything useful will ever go on there.

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¨ No.67
Turns out the Rasputin cover has got a copyrite claim on it.

¨ No.68
>>67 our*
¨ No.71
1475490603468.png–(101.48KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161003-182250.png)
>>67 Holy shit they actually did. I guess this means there'll be ads on it from now on. Hope everyone's using an ad blocker, because fuck Sony.

No.60  [Reply]
Legit, we need to record it.
¨ No.61
Courtesy fridgeputer, you sick fuck

Embed: Our Glorious Leader–(YouTube)
52 No.52  [Reply]
Our Glorious leader performing His national anthem.
¨ No.55
Omfg. I look sooooo cute

No.37  [Reply]
Hi guys, this is the official song request thread for the brand new radio station, leave your requests down below as a reply to this thread :D
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¨ No.47
Done and Done ;)

Yeah, sure will, maybe not immediately, but it will almost certainly be added to the playlist, there will probably be a different way to do it eventually, who knows...

What are you talking about friend, this post has fine spelling, also I'm just going to claim auto correct did it and now that I'm at a computer I can fix it
¨ No.50
All star by smash mouth go!
¨ No.53
Dethklok - Murmaider. On repeat. For a full day.

No.51  [Reply]
We are habing fun at tav singing karaoke.
Vods are on facebook dean appreciation group.
Signing off,
El Presidente.

No.40  [Reply]
The quality of this club's banter has been going down in recent years. I am concerned for the future of the club as without quality banter the club may as well be a shit combination of unigames and UCC.
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¨ No.44
>Does this board even let you greentext?
¨ No.45
¨ No.48
Sorry to hear you feel this club has been a disappointment, I hope spending a bit of time with us may convince you otherwise.
I don't actually know how much support the faculty actually provides the club but from what I have deduced it's honestly not much, I think the guild provides more to be completely honest. Speaking of the guild there's actually a requirement from them that every club holds at least 2 events a year I believe, it's just we're not the best at advertising the one's we do have.
I think we've had 3 LANs and a quiz night this year alone for major events, and that's not to mention the weekly BBQ down in the courtyard between the CS building and geology 1pm on Tuesdays, a quite informal boards game night on Monday nights (that admittedly doesn't always happen) and what used to be a movie night on Wednesdays that has just become going down to the UWA Tav to play Foosball and Pool
In previous years there was also a Students VS Staff soccer match at the end of the semester and I think there was also a "
What I Wish I Knew in First Year" talk once upon a time, but I think both of these were discontinued due to a lack of interest as I understand it.
This all being said we've recently just set up a wiki that will potentially become somewhat of a fresher guide and information on the club itself, it's currently very empty but with time and an incredible amount of procrastination of more important stuff I'm sure it will fill up with useful information.

Sorry >>40 I guess this is exactly the sort of low quality banter you were talking about ex-dee

>>44 >>45
>Implying this script I blatantly stole off the internet wouldn't have greentext
>Actually... good point.

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