Committee 2017

We are the people who embezzel the clubs funds manage this upstanding organization

President (El Capitán)


Name: Anton Savill

Year: 5th

Course: Computer Science/Data Science

Quote: “I'm the president, I'm too important to go mad with power.”

About: He's the president, he's too important to go mad with power

Vice President (First Mate, arrrrrgh)

Vice President

Name: Sion Christie

Year: 5th

Course: Civil Engineering

Quote: “Tav?”

About: Not available

Secretary (Sexcretary)


Name: Christopher Harrison

Year: 5th

Course: Dickbutt

Quote: “That beer is less than fifty percent head, that's not nearly enough.”

About: Not available

Treasurer (Money Lord)


Name: Simon Xie

Year: 5th

Course: Software Engineering

Quote: “The key is in the door!”

About: Not available