Committee 2018

We are the people who embezzeled the clubs funds managed this upstanding organization

2018 Committee is below

Current Committee here

President (Benevolent Overlord)


Name: Ki Savill

Year: 1st

Course: Psychology

Quote: “No time to discuss this as a committee”

About: Totally Elected Legitimately, no questions of foul play here, no sir, move along

Vice President (If Pres dies, she's in charge)

Vice President

Name: Monica Pham

Year: 2nd

Course: Computer Science

Quote: “Wait, the CSSC isn't a natural disaster? Time to leave the club.”

About: No, we totally didn't use her fursona, that's what she looks like, #nobodyshaming

Secretary (Sexcretary)


Name: Nick Kharitonov

Year: Too many

Course: Chemical Engineering or something

Quote: “I won't do anything to help this club”

About: Nick est Culpa

Treasurer (What are taxes for?)


Name: Andriy Pyrozhenko

Year: 2nd

Course: Not Chemistry

Quote: “Get your own taco”

About: Was man's rep, now in charge of the money, coincidence? Probably.