We as a club believe it's important to be mindful of and have a duty to our fellow people at the university and in the community.

As such this will be one of the more serious pages on our website, we're also considering writing up a document outlining our policies

General Resources


The University maintains a list of emergency phone numbers: (it's not a bad idea to save a bunch of these numbers in your phone)

Non Emergencies

If you have left property in a room you can request that UWA security come open the door for you if it's locked, call them on their non emergency number: 08 6488 3020

Mental health

It's no secret university can be incredibly stressful. Luckily there are people to help. Below are some links with some resources which may be of use.

There also exists this document which the guild has created titled: Guild Welfare: Mental Health Directory which contains some additional services.

Financial Support

Worrying about money is one of the last things you need when focusing on your studies, again, there's people to help

Academic Support

Note: the following resources are aimed at students doing computer science / software engineering - adjust for your major accordingly

Social Responsibilities

The club in general exists for the benifit of students studying within the Computer Science and Software Engineering building. Of course we welcome students from all disiplines and anyone is welcome at any of the events we run throughout the year.

Club Duties

According to the clubs consitution the clubs duties are:

Sexual Violence & Support

The Computer Science Students Club takes sexual assault very seriously.
As a part of UWA Guild regulations, at least one committee member needs to have completed Student Leadership Training, which includes a course on Sexual Violence.

If at any point you feel unsafe you should contact UWA Security (24/7)
Emergencies: 08 6488 2222 (or 2222 from any campus phone)
Non Emergencies: 08 6488 3020 (You can request a security escort to car parks, colleges and accommodation immediately adjacent to the University)

You can also text security where verbal communication where verbal communication isn't possible at 0438 739 744 start your message with "URGENT" if immediate assistance is required (max 160 characters)

The UWA Student Guild has the following page relating to Sexual Assault: DAMSEL | REPORTING SEXUAL ASSAULT ON CAMPUS. Resources have been collated below