We are the people who embezzel the clubs funds manage this upstanding organization

2019 Committee is below

2018 Committee can be found here

2017 Committee can be found here

President (Benevolent Overlord)


Name: Ki Savill

Year: 2nd

Course: Psychology

Quote: “No time to discuss this as a committee”

About: Totally Elected Legitimately twice, no questions of foul play here, no sir, move along

Vice President (If Pres dies, she's in charge)

Vice President

Name: Monica Pham

Year: 3rd

Course: Computer Science

Quote: “Wait, the CSSC isn't a natural disaster? Time to leave the club.”

About: No, we totally didn't use her fursona, that's what she looks like, #nobodyshaming

Secretary (Sexcretary)


Name: Mustafa Saeed

Year: 3rd

Course: Engineering

Quote: “Don't make the mistake of taking CITS2211”

About: All I'm tryna do is respect women, and fail cits units... and I've already failed multiple cits units

Treasurer (or alternatively CFO - Chief Fuc-... Fun Officer)


Name: Callan Gray

Year: Post Grad

Course: Software Engineering

Quote: “He who is no good does not get up to no good”

About: Ninja robot-in-disguise reactive vulcan secret double agent