Hi there!

Welcome to the Computer Science Students Club.

We could write a long verbose description of what the club is all about and whatnot, but the best option is just to come to the club room on the top floor of the Computer Science building, there should be some signs around, but if not there should be a video on our youtube channel on how to find us. [Link will maybe be here at some point] - For now, here's a kind of map and Instructions

[also, maybe photos?]

But if you can't be bothered walking up the steps to find out what we're all about, here's our official description:

CSSC runs social and educational events targeted towards computer science students. We have a club room in the CSSE building, and run weekly barbecues, occasional LANs, end of semester staff vs. students soccer matches, and an annual quiz night in the TAV, amongst other events and services.

I fully suggest starting with the Club Tidbits and CSSC Stuff then maybe onto the Profiles section to find a bit out about us, but fair warning, there's a lot of inside jokes and incomplete pages on this wiki