Prosh rules reminds us to:

"Leave men behind."

This rule applies to any situation in which men can be left behind. The men referred to in this rule is meant as a gender neutral reference to any person, as CSSC is a safe space for all. The rule is meant to apply to any human equally as the club does not discriminate against any, as all have a right to be left behind and to leave others behind. This right should be exercised as often as necessary and has mostly been called to use during PROSH, hence the name of the rule. Some have stated that the rule is not very inclusive to others and should be altered to help clarify the true spirit of the rule, to leave all behind. Some alternatives of the rule may include:

"Leave people behind."
"Leave humans behind."
"Leave gender neutral representation of men behind."
"Leave fellow mortals behind."
"Leave homosapiens behind."
"Leave homosapiensapiens behind."
"Leave homos behind."

Some of these alternatives have been met with controversy as they are not very inclusive towards those of other kin. The last one may also be perceived as homophobic but is only meant as a shortened variation of the word homosapiensapien.