The Computer Science Student Club motto has a long and varied history:

In modern times the the oldest iteration of the motto has been.

"Nathan et Lidiae sunt culpae."

This can be roughly translated to:

"It is Nathan and Lidia's fault."

The Nathan and Lidia in question refers to Nathan Maxwell Castlehow, the 2015 president of the club and Lidia Dokuchaeva, a club member from 2013 to present. It was found shortly after the beginning of Nathan's term as CSSC president that he was clearly incompetent and anything wrong with the club was his fault. Further investigation into the matter found that Lidia was the person who introduced Nathan to everyone and therefore it was her fault he was president. Thus the motto was found and translated into Latin, because Latin is fucking dapper as shit and will make any motto awesome.

There was a push in 2016 to modify the club motto to:

"Nick est Culpa."

This is due to Nick's time as president.

After Anton's time as president it became apparent that the club just went through a couple of bad years and that it will be just fineā„¢, but the club still needed a latin motto, so it eventually came to become.

"Nick et Nathan sunt culpae."

This is the current motto, but is subject to change

Anton would like to note that while word order in latin is non-determinate, it is convention to place the adverb at the end of the sentence, i.e. "Nathan et Lidia culpae sunt" and "Nick culpa est"
He'd also like to boldly split infinitives